PS3 VS XBOX 360 – Exclusive Games for 2008!

The reign of the Xbox is almost over. As of past due the PS3 has been looking higher and better. Looks like 2008 can be the 12 months of the PlayStation. PlayStation three has many big name titles coming out this year and if the all games from the list are all in reality launched this yr, all we can say is WOW. Note: The following listing in no way represents the complete list of exclusive titles for each console. However, it offers us a quite suitable idea of the video games rumored to be launched this 12 months.


sagame2 (PS3)

Guaranteed fulfillment. While the primary changed into a super sport and fairly massive achievement, it became nevertheless just a release identify. Imagine what they can do after a pair years and games underneath their belt. Eight participant Co-Op! Expect huge matters from this game.

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue (PS3)

Another assured achievement. Anyone who performs Gran Turismo will snatch this recreation. If you’re a fan, you are a fan. The visuals maintain to enhance, HD replays, ’nuff said!

Haze (PS3)

Hopefully the sport will sooner or later cease it’s long series of delays this 12 months. This sport guarantees a few excessive motion, which includes four-participant co-op, drop-in, drop-out, split-display, on line, or nearby multiplayer options. The recreation keeps to electrify visually, with not most effective the pleasant of graphics, however the very cool, unique layout elements.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (PS3)

Who would not realize about this game? The sport remains months away and is already epic. If any sport could stay up to the hype this sport has garnered, go away it to Solid Snake, antique or young. Like most of the video games in this list, the visuals are awesome. The sport seems to p.C. In an huge quantity of tale and gameplay. The sport functions a big arsenal of guns and combat/stealth movements. If you personal a PS3, you’re nearly required to shop for this. You realize you will.

SOCOM: Confrontation (PS3)

Still early on this title, few information had been released. The game will assist as much as 32 players on line. Customizable weapons just like SOCOM 3. Also just like the previous SOCOM video games, the focus will be on line multiplayer. Early phrase says this one will pass the manner of Warhawk, offering online handiest probable with a bluetooth headset and all. After all, the unique SOCOM type of pioneered headset use on consoles.

LittleBigPlanet (PS3)

Possibly one of the maximum progressive, lovely, and anticipated games of the 12 months. Little Big Planet seems to increase the PS3 target audience with this “construct-your-personal-game” recreation. Eat your coronary heart out Nintendo Miis, this recreation seems terrific. The shear degree of creativity allowed is remarkable. The game also supports 4-participant co-op and as opposed to. Plus, it’s youngster pleasant with out being offensively cute.

God of War III (PS3)

The PS2 went out with a bang (although it is nonetheless striking in there) with the unique God of War, and maximum lately it’s sequel, still at the ageing console. People have been watching for a true “next-gen” God of War enjoy and it looks as even though 2008 is gonna be your year, likely. Not a whole lot is recognise as of yet, however, the games creator, David Jaffe, is no longer running on the series so we will just ought to be patient how the whole lot turns out.

Final Fantasy XIII (PS3) – Final Fantasy Versus XIII (PS3)

You’re both a fan, or you are not, though, you have got to understand the scale of the Final Fantasy franchise. The games hold to set graphical standards with every release. The subsequent, XIII, appears to make correct on their reputation. Not only are they again improving each visual, and storytelling issue of the sport, they may be overhauling the fight as properly. The combat in Final Fantasy XIII promises the speed up and accentuate the battles.

MotorStorm 2 (PS3) [Teaser Trailer]

Another sequel to a previous PS3 special, MotorStorm 2 hasn’t found out lots, however from the trailer we can count on yet any other pre-rendered bar set too high for them to reach with in-sport images. Don’t get me wrong, the authentic appeared extraordinary, however the video they confirmed a 12 months earlier looked 10-instances better. This become the prettiest of all of the racers for a while, but we’ll see how the sequel compares to the likes of Gran Turismo 5 HD later this year. Some of the improvements encompass new automobiles/vans/bikes, tracks, and pleasant of all, a much needed four-player split-display screen mode. The recreation’s also stated to encompass 16-player on line assist.

Killzone 2 (PS3)

So, video and screenshots have shown just how true the game surely seems in motion. But what about gameplay? The original become no longer exactly praised by critics, even though I quite enjoyed it (minus the large range of system faults). It virtually wasn’t the “Halo Killer” it changed into touted as. The sequel will should surely prove itself in this sort of crowded shooter marketplace. Guerrilla Games has yet to show any actual information on gameplay, i.E. Co-op, multiplayer, customization? The sport sure does appearance accurate though. Guess we will simply should be patient.

XBOX 360:

Ninja Gaiden II (360)

Finally directly to the Xbox 360, I thought we would by no means get here. Ninja Gaiden II, the first legit, genuine sequel, promises to up the whole lot that made the original so popular. More action, more awful men, extra blood (nearly too much), and more velocity. The recreation’s creators have additionally addressed the difficulty problems some (many) had with the other video games. They’ve stated that without dumbing it down, they may be converting the controls for you to improve and lessen the disappointment to novices. They’re additionally adding new weapons to the game and a ton of recent man or woman animations to hold the visuals sparkling.

Too Human (360)

An epic in the making, Too Human is already set to be part of a trilogy. Everyone loves a trilogy. They’ve created an substantial world with a unique technology and organic layout. The recreation is built on story, such as a totally bold new dynamic camera machine it truly is imagined to constantly give you the exceptional view of the action during gameplay. The recreation also capabilities a plethora of RPG factors to preserve you fascinated. As with most RPGs you can improve nearly everything, from weapons, to armor, to big skills that enlarge your fight. The sport also capabilities a completely unique fight gadget, the use of the proper analog stick for both melee and ranged assaults.

Fable 2 (360)

Sequel to a recreation that was a large jump in artificial intelligence, Fable 2 seems to surpass it’s predecessor in every way. The last preference between proper and evil. This time your options are even more. Similar to some other Lionhead recreation, Black & White, the participant may be given a pet so as to help you at some stage in the game, and also as a pal you could bond with. Peter Molyneux, the video games writer has stated he wishes the game to get the player emotionally involved. Just a wager, however you could probably anticipate that your dog will in the end die. In addition to a game with judgment of right and wrong, the game is one of the first games to introduce money into the sport before it is launch. That’s right, you can start incomes gold to spend in Fable 2 before the game ever hits shop shelve, way to downloadable arcade games on Xbox Live.

Banjo-Kazooie 3 (360)

Very little is realize of Bajo-Kazooie three, if that is in fact it’s name. Rare, the company growing the sport, released a short teaser trailer lower back in September 2006. It absolutely didn’t show any gameplay, however, it did show a new boxy art fashion you could see in the screenshots above. You can assume the regular Bajo-Kazooie platform factors, accumulate the entirety in sight, teamwork to attain exclusive regions and beat one-of-a-kind enemies, and massive open worlds. The Xbox 360 is not precisely recognised for having many platformers, so this may be a welcome boost. The remaining time we had a Banjo sport changed into back at the N64.

Gears of War 2 (360)

Do I virtually have to say anything? Gears of War 2. You knew they could make it. The first became the sort of massive achievement, it sincerely beat Halo for pinnacle on-line multiplayer recreation, if best because it became the last-gen Halo 2. The recreation capabilities the whole thing new the Unreal Engine three has to offer. More enemies on display, extra destruction, greater realistic lighting fixtures, and greater chainsawing motion. Another emergence day awaits us q4.

Halo Wars

Halo is not lifeless! At least the Halo universe is not. Halo Wars is the first Halo recreation that isn’t a Halo sport. It’s a real-time approach. While the sport isn’t always being evolved totally over at Bungie, it’s miles being evolved from the ground up for the Xbox 360 and console gameplay. Meaning they have got supposedly solved a number of the troubles that plague many actual-time approach games on consoles. Did you know that Halo become at the start a real-time method sport being developed for the Mac? It’s actual.

Splinter Cell: Conviction (360)

The next step for Sam Fisher looks remarkably just like a Bourne Identity kind game. That stated, it still looks awesome. They’ve dropped the inexperienced eyed goggles in alternate for a person bag (ala Jack Bauer), hoodie, and beard, and they have got a stripped down and grimy, uncooked, Splinter Cell sport in which you are now a fugitive from the law. The new recreation seems to change greater than Sam’s fashion, specializing in what Ubisoft is asking “All new improvisation-based gameplay”. Where your stock is simply the world round you, pick up and throw chairs, etc. Use crowds for your advantage, similar to Assassin’s Creed. This can be a exquisite manner to clean up the collection, or it is able to pass too a ways from it’s roots and lose fanatics.

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