The Google Duplicate Content Penalty: Myths Vs Realities

The Google replica content penalty is the challenge of one of the liveliest ongoing debates in search engine optimization circles. It has been doing the rounds for a long term now, and nonetheless manages to leave webmasters uneasy and confused regardless of common enter and causes from Google cd duplication services.

Today we’re going to have a look at the duplicate content material penalty and try and separate the myths from the realities. This isn’t always a black and white area although, as Google itself remains a touch coy and vague at the problem.

First, allow’s dispel the biggest fable about duplicate content material earlier than intending to the steps you can take to avoid entering into hassle.


Google will penalize your internet site if you use replica content material.


This could be a very unsound practice by using Google. A huge proportion of the net (predicted at 25% – 30%) is constructed on syndicated, and therefore “replica” content. Penalizing websites for republishing content material isn’t always in Google’s first-class hobby, nor that of its customers.

An easy example of the sort of website that prospers on syndicated content is a information portal. To display this, look for the headline of any present day information occasion in Google. You’re probably to find the same article on foxnews.Com, huffingtonpost.Com, usatoday.Com, independent.Co.United kingdom and a number of different news portals, all ranking on the first web page of Google.

While there may be some mild variations, you may absolutely find the thing syndicated word for word on many top ranking sites. It therefore makes no experience that sites could be penalized for using replica or syndicated content material.

In brief, it is secure to say that there may be no reproduction content material penalty. Your web site may not be banned or deindexed for publishing syndicated content.

That’s no longer the give up of the story although.


Even though there does not appear to be an legit “penalty”, there are approaches in which the use of replica content can hurt you. For example, your web page can be not noted from the Google seek consequences if there are too many comparable ones, so that could be a danger that you take with the usage of reproduction content material.

This isn’t, but, a penalty as such: it is extra of a consequence of using duplicate content. You see, Google wants to diversify their search consequences. I think you may agree that it isn’t always in anyone’s interest for them to display a top 20 seek results listing which includes the exact equal content on exclusive websites.

In other words, you run the risk of your duplicated content being outranked by sites boasting the identical content, but having more authority than yours in Google’s eyes.

So, this could be taken into consideration a “passive penalty”, if you actually need to bring penalties into it. Your website isn’t always actively penalized, but your content can also definitely not feature in the search effects because there are already too many comparable consequences.


Google’s Matt Cutts stresses that spammy or keyword filled replica content can get you into hassle. Here is a latest quote from Cutts on this subject:

“The hassle is that in case you are automatically producing stuff it truly is coming from nothing but an RSS feed, you’re now not including lots of cost. So that replica content might be a touch more likely to be viewed as spam.”

This is all very subjective and Cutts is vague about how exactly they determine what content is spammy or of a low sufficient exceptional to warrant a penalty.

The backside line is that this: as long as the manner in which you gift the content material affords fee to the traveler, you should not have too much to be worried about. If you rely upon largely computerized content from RSS feeds or content scrapers, you’ll get little value in go back as Google could be very likely to surely leave out your web page from their search results.

Ultimately, while you’re competing with thousands of web sites doing the same component with the equal piece of content material, what incentive are you giving Google to rank you higher than any of them?


Mismanagement of content material to your very own website online can lead to ranking issues. A unique perpetrator is the popular running a blog platform, WordPress.

By default, WordPress will store the identical piece of content below the Tag, Archive, Author and Category sections. This can confuse Google as to which piece of the content material it must rank and might negatively affect the ranking of the content to your blog.

The pleasant practice right here is to use an SEO plugin just like the All-in-One search engine marketing Pack or WordPress search engine marketing through Yoast. Specify noindex for the Tag, Date Archive and Author sections. You need to also use snippets on your class pages rather than permitting the complete page to be repeated.

So, you must be plenty more concerned about duplicated content inside your personal website or area than you need to be approximately syndicating content material from other resources.


Here is a summary of only a few of Google’s very own pointers for stopping replica content troubles:

– Use constant internal linking for your internet site

Don’t link to a web page on your website online with on one page, after which on some other. Use the identical linking structure throughout your complete internet site. They might also both link to the same web page, but in Google’s eyes they rely as one of a kind URLs.

– Use Google Webmaster Tools

Set your web page up in Google Webmaster Tools and you may be capable of specify how you need Google to index your web page: with or without the www.

– Prevent needless repetition

If you have got the identical big block of copyright or disclaimer facts on each page, you could want to move this to a separate “disclaimer” web page and genuinely hyperlink to it from each page. This will imply less replica content material on each of your pages.

– Familiarize yourself along with your content machine

We mentioned WordPress for instance a little better up. Whatever content material machine you use though, make certain you know how it handles content and the way you may save you Google having to index a couple of times of the identical content material.

– Learn the way to use the canonical tag

The canonical tag will assist Google decide which content on your website are duplicates, and assist them to present desire to the perfect model. Some search engine optimization plugins can take care of this routinely for you.


The Google reproduction content material penalty isn’t something to lose sleep over. As a count number of fact, there certainly isn’t a penalty. As lengthy as you do not have interaction in deliberately deceptive or spammy practices, you should be k.

Learn how to manage content material for your personal web site and usually strive to provide price in your site visitors with the syndicated content material you use. Keep in thoughts that your web page can be disregarded from the quest results if there are too many times of the identical content, so discover a manner to feature some strong point or cost to that content material.

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